Information for cosplayers


Parking around the O 2 universe is hampered by the construction of the hotel. We do not provide reserved parking for cosplayers.

To enter the O2 universum, the security conditions generally apply Prohibited items in O2 universum and of course the Participation Rules .
Items that will not be admitted to the O2 universum can be deposited in the outdoor storage for a fee of 4,- EUR per day.

There are a few exceptions for cosplayers and fans with costumes. They have dedicated entrance # 28-29 , where trained service evaluate the costumes, their parts and their hazards. It is possible that the numbers of the entrances will change during the day, the information will be displayed on the entrances screens.

It's OK:
  • Large bag / suitcase / backpack with cosplay.
  • Imitations of weapons (eg softened larp swords), demonstrably non-functional weapons.
  • Airsoft guns after checking empty cartridges and registering *.
  • Metal armor, helmets, epaulettes, shin guards, etc ...

    Not OK:
  • Historical functional firearms, metal cold weapons (swords, axes, spears, halberds, katanas, sabers, knives...)
  • Heavy, large and/or sharp objects that can be used as a weapon (baseball bat, clubs, etc.).
  • Repair Equipment - Hot Melt Gun, Adhesives, Sprays, Paints, Scissors, Knives ...

    Registration of a cosplayer with an airsoft weapon or other dangerous object at the border of the rules serves to enhance security. Cosplayer fills in the form with personal information and by signing it undertakes to comply with certain rules (eg not loading a weapon, not aiming at participants, etc.).

    Entry fee
    Contestants pay entry fee as regular visitors. After the contest, the entry fee is refunded to the participants (whole to individuals, half to group members) at the reception of Comic-Con Prague.

    Dressing room
    Dressing room is directly opposite main entrances 1-12 (= sloping to the left vestibule from cosplay entrance 28-29).
    In the back of the dressing room is a cosplay dressing room. Here you will find changing cabins with mirrors, makeup tables with mirrors and lamps, a first aid kit for costume repair and a cosplay cloakroom service person.
    After dressing, the civilian / costume must be stored in a standard dressing room (for a fee, operated by O2 universum)
    Cosplay dressing room is not used for storage of costumes / civilian or for the rest or having fun.


    The non-competitive children's cosplay show will take place on Saturday, October 16 at 1 PM in the E2 hall of O2 universum.
    Each participant of the show will receive a gift for participation - comics, limited edition Coca-Cola on the occasion of Comic-Con Prague 2021, gifts from partners.