Show rules

1) The show is open to individuals or couples representing movie, TV show, game, comic book, anime or other characters.

2) Entries are open to participants between the ages of 4 and 12.

3) Participants between the ages of 4 and 6 must be accompanied by a legal guardian backstage. If necessary, the legal guardian may accompany the child on stage.

4) Participants ages 7 to 12 may go backstage alone or with an escort. If necessary, the legal guardian may accompany the child on stage.

5) Registration can be done either in advance via the online form (up to and including Friday, October 15, 2021) or on-site (up to and including Saturday, October 16, 2021, 11 a.m.).

6) The Promenade has a limited number of places, in the event of high demand the number of participants will be limited.

7) If children are performing in pairs, costumes must be thematically related.

8) All participants are asked to arrive half an hour before the start of the promenade in the appropriate hall. (Hall E2)

9) Costume and performance must be free of hazardous and polluting items such as firearms, cold weapons, functional bows, parts that may contaminate the area (confetti, glitter, artificial blood, dyed liquids and dyes, open flames, excessive smoke, etc.).

10) Violation of the rules, inappropriate behavior, disturbance and harassment of other participants may result in the participant being ejected from the promenade and the matter may be referred to the con organizers for resolution.

What can attendees expect?
Participants will be invited to the stage where they will have the opportunity to walk around, show off their costume, chat with the MC or perform a skit.

For questions, contact: